Moisture Balances

Moisture Balances
A moisture balance is perfect for measuring moisture in most products including grains, pharmaceuticals, soils, sludge and chemicals. The amount of moisture in a product can greatly affect perceived quality. You use a moisture balance to measure the original weight of a product before the drying process. The machine takes note of that weight and then after the drying process it notates the decrease in moisture and shows the weight change on the moisture analyzer display. Heating lamps are sometimes used to speed up the drying process. Ceramic heating elements are designed to rapidly attain the final temperature to ensure a uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface, thus eliminating localized burning of the sample. Halogen lamp heating elements are suited for applications that require accelerated temperature regulation during sample drying. However halogen lamps heat and cool quickly sometimes causing the sample to scorch. A moisture analyzer can also use quartz heating elements, which looks similar to the heating element in your oven at home. Heat is transferred from a coil wire to a material which distributes the heat providing consistent heating. There are many other factors in selecting a moisture analyzer but these are essential.
Cole-Parmer Symmetry MB-T Touch-Screen Moisture Balances
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