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Microscopes and Magnification

Microscopes and Magnification
Microscopes and magnifying tools bring science to life. They provide an extra set of focused eyes needed to view what the naked eye doesn���t see. Whether you need a student microscope or professional microscope to view small cells or large specimens, bring them into focus with our broad selection of quality scientific microscopes and magnifying tools for education, life sciences, clinical labs, veterinary offices, and professional laboratories.

����Select from our trusted Cole-Parmer brand, manufactured with the latest technology and high-quality materials, yet durable and affordable. We offer scientific microscopes and magnifying tools for every budget including compound microscopes, stereo zoom microscopes, specialty microscopes, cameras and videography microscopy equipment or digital microscopes, magnifying tools and more. We also offer a wide selection of microscope accessories including microscope slides, microscope slide cover glasses and more.

�� Choosing a Cole-Parmer microscope ensures comfort and clarity. Our microscopes are designed with modern ergonomics, as well as superior optical components, which are not available on all microscopes or magnifying tools on the market today.

�� Unsure which microscope to purchase? Here are 5 factors to consider:
  1. Purpose you'll be using it for
  2. ��
  3. Type of objective lenses
  4. ��
  5. Amount of eyepieces
  6. ��
  7. Total magnification
  8. ��
  9. Lighting

Cole-Parmer makes it simple for you to find the right microscope and magnifying tool for your needs. Our website provides categories on the left of the page for you to search. The categories include cameras and video microscopy equipment, compound microscopes, fiberscopes and borescopes, magnifiers, microscope accessories, specialty microscopes, and stereo and stereo zoom microscopes.

��If you are looking to select a compound microscope or stereo zoom microscope, you can use our Microscope Selection Guide or the selection tool provided on this page to assist you.

��Frequently Asked Questions

��What is a borescope used for?

A borescope is an instrument used to see into small areas or holes.

��What is a compound microscope?
A compound microscope is a type of microscope has high magnification. It is used for viewing samples smaller than 7 microns.

��What is a fiberscope?
A fiberscope has a supple shaft which allows for viewing around bends and through narrow access holes. It is more flexible than a borescope.

��What is a magnifier?
A magnifier, known as a magnifying glass or magnifying lens, makes objects look larger.

��What is a specialty microscope?
A specialty microscope is designed for unique uses in life sciences, metallurgical, and biomedical applications.

��What is a stereo zoom microscope?
A stereo zoom microscope, also known as a dissecting microscope, is used to view specimens larger than 7 microns.