Press Releases

New Environmental Express® Oakton® Portable Meter Kits Make Water Testing More Convenient

Water testing is more convenient and accessible with the new Environmental Express Oakton 100 Series Portable Handheld Meter Kits. These meters are the perfect combination of the most advanced electronics technology, sensor technology, and software design. With a compact design and carrying case to keep everything neatly together, they are ideal for use out in the field and in the laboratory. Five different kits are available. Each kit is designed for specific testing and includes one meter and compatible components. Read More

Reimagine Fluid Handling with the New Masterflex® MasterSense™ L/S® Peristaltic Pump

Vernon Hills, Ill — Operate, collaborate, and connect with ease with the new Masterflex® MasterSense™ L/S® peristaltic pump. Intuitive touch-screen interface, easy programming functionality, innovative forward-looking features, multiple connectivity options and versatile system components give operators a smarter and easier way to manage fluidic pathways. This pump is ideal for research and process with flow-driven technology that supports precision dispensing. All these features have been designed into a space-saving compact footprint to conserve valuable benchtop space. Read More

ZeptoMetrix® Launches New Ready-to-Use SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant Molecular Quality Controls

Vernon Hills, Ill — ZeptoMetrix®, an Antylia Scientific™ company, today adds another crucial molecular quality control to its expansive line of Infectious Disease NATtrol™ Quality Controls. Now available for use in laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and research facilities, the SARS-CoV-2 Variant Panel (NATSARS(COV2)-VP) includes four separate, individual vials of the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants. Each vial is targeted at 50,000 copies/mL. Read More

MasterSelect™ Pump Selection Guide

Vernon Hills, Ill — Selecting the proper Masterflex peristaltic pump system is now a quick online experience with the new MasterSelect™ Pump Selection Guide. This web tool quickly guides customers through the process of selecting a peristaltic pump system that meets their exact needs. Customers are guided through prompts which identify their pump requirements. After clicking through six questions or less, the customer will instantly see the perfect pump for their needs. This online tool is ideal for anyone in the market for a pump system. Read More

New Cole-Parmer® Laboratory Ovens Ensure Safety for Workers and Protect Samples

Vernon Hills, Ill — Low energy consumption for operating cost savings and many other features to protect the user and their samples are included in these new Cole-Parmer® Gravity and Mechanical Drying Convection Ovens, and Cole-Parmer Programmable and Botanical Vacuum Ovens. Each oven is designed with temperature uniformity and safety features to prevent temperature fluctuations and overheating—issues that can destroy valuable samples. Read More