Cole-Parmer® VapLock Solvent Waste Collection Products

Solvent Waste Management System Example
  • Fully enclosed and sealed system—collect hazardous waste while minimizing vapor exposure
  • Manifolds provide multiple connection ports, easily adaptable for your system requirements; free-spinning collar allows quick disconnect
  • Exhaust filters absorb solvent vapors to prevent escaping to the environment; choose a filter with breakthrough indicator to know when filter is full and needs to be replaced
  • We also offer convenient systems and kits. Includes everything you need to set up a closed waste containment system—select a waste manifold kit to use with your existing container, or choose a system with waste container included
  • Simple and quick bottle changes—easy to remove without tangling tubes
VapLock Solvent Exhaust Filter Indicator

Closed System— Safer, Healthier, and more accurate