How to Calibrate the Oakton pH Testr

How-to Video and Tips for Calibrating your Oakton pH Testr

Video Transcript

Before You Calibrate

Condition your pH tester electrode by immersing it in electrode storage solution, pH 4 buffer, or tap water for at least 30 minutes before use. Do not use deionized water.

How to Calibrate Your Oakton pH Tester

Calibration Steps

  1. Rinse your pH electrode
  2. Press the on/off button to switch the unit on
  3. Place the electrode in pH 7 buffer solution
  4. Press the "Cal" key to put it into calibration mode
  5. The Cal indicator should be shown. The upper display will show the measured reading based on the last calibration. The lower display will indicate the pH standard buffer solution.

  6. Wait for the reading to stabilize
  7. Press the "Hold/Ent" key to confirm the first calibration point
  8. If you are doing a single-point calibration, press the "Cal" key at this point to exit calibration mode. If you're doing a multi-point calibration, the lower display will now switch between 4 and 10 the other calibration buffers.

  9. Rinse the electrode
  10. Place in pH 4 buffer solution
  11. Wait for the reading to stabilize
  12. Reading may take up to two minutes to stabilize

  13. Press the "Hold/Ent" key to confirm the second calibration point
  14. Place in the final 10 calibration buffer solution
  15. Wait for the reading to stabilize
  16. Press the "Hold/Ent" key to confirm the final calibration key
  17. The tester will return to measurement mode. At this point you can rinse the tester and confirm the calibration by placing it in any pH buffer. Or confirm by taking a reading of your sample. Now the calibration is complete. That is how you calibrate your Oakton pH Testr