TriForest Square/Octagonal Media Bottles, PC

Withstand multiple autoclave cycles
  • Polycarbonate (PC) is a safe and shatterproof alternative to glass
  • Manufactured in an ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom in an ISO 9001 compliant facility
  • Keep samples secure—leakproof seals included
  • Easily complete fill with molded-in graduations
Store buffers, reagents, media, and other critical fluids in these sturdy, clear bottles. The square shape saves shelf space by allowing bottles to be placed closer together.

Bottles come separated into packs by bags, and a case is double bagged to maintain cleanliness.

£269.85 - £423.15GBP / Case of 24
£323.82 - £507.78GBP (incl VAT)

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Capacity (mL) Description
Availability Pricing
TriForest BPC0030 Square Autoclavable Media Bottle, 30 mL, PC, 24 per pack, 288/CS WZ-06542-19 Mfr # BPC0030
30 Square/Octagonal Media Bottle, 30 mL; 288/Cs
£385.35GBP / Case of 288
£462.42GBP (incl VAT)
TriForest BPC0060 Square Autoclavable Media Bottle, 60 mL, PC, 24 per pack, 192/CS WZ-06542-20 Mfr # BPC0060
60 Square/Octagonal Media Bottle, 60 mL; 192/Cs
£423.15GBP / Case of 192
£507.78GBP (incl VAT)
TriForest BPC0125 Square Autoclavable Media Bottle, 125 mL, PC, 24 per pack, 144/CS WZ-06542-21 Mfr # BPC0125
125 Square/Octagonal Media Bottle, 125 mL; 144/Cs
£404.25GBP / Case of 144
£485.10GBP (incl VAT)
TriForest BPC0250 Square Autoclavable Media Bottle, 250 mL, PC, 24 per pack, 96/CS WZ-06542-22 Mfr # BPC0250
250 Square/Octagonal Media Bottle, 250 mL; 96/Cs
£360.15GBP / Case of 96
£432.18GBP (incl VAT)
TriForest BPC0500 Square Autoclavable Media Bottle, 500 mL, PC, 12 per pack, 72/CS WZ-06542-23 Mfr # BPC0500
500 Square/Octagonal Media Bottle, 500 mL; 72/Cs
£339.15GBP / Case of 72
£406.98GBP (incl VAT)
TriForest BPC1000 Square Autoclavable Media Bottle, 1 L, PC, 12 per pack, 48/CS WZ-06542-24 Mfr # BPC1000
1000 Square/Octagonal Media Bottle, 1000 mL, 48/Cs
£269.85GBP / Case of 48
£323.82GBP (incl VAT)
TriForest BPC2000 Square Autoclavable Media Bottle, 2 L, PC, 6 per pack, 24/CS WZ-06542-25 Mfr # BPC2000
2000 Square/Octagonal Media Bottle, 2000 mL, 24/Cs
£279.30GBP / Case of 24
£335.16GBP (incl VAT)
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