Tintometer Comparator 2000 Portable Color Grading Systems

Economical, visual color measurement in laboratory, plant, or field
  • Two-Field Comparator system for simple color matching
  • Supplied with lighting unit for standardized measurements
These durable, portable systems allow you to make quick visual comparisons between your sample and a range of stable colored glass standards on a disc. Battery operated illuminator offers flexibility for laboratory, plant, or field color grading. With the two-section field of view, the sample transmittance is directly compared with individual colored glass standards on a test disc.

The comparator is an easy-to-use, entry level color measurement system that compares the color of the sample directly against the color of glass in a disc. Just rotate the disc to get the closest result to the scale. Ideal for light-colored samples with visual color (pathlength up to 40 mm); an illuminator is added to systems for measuring unsaturated samples requiring a longer pathlength.
£2,490.62 - £3,196.63GBP / Each
£2,988.74 - £3,835.96GBP (incl VAT)

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Lovibond GARDNER Comparator 2000, Gardner Scale WZ-99562-40 Mfr # 433340
Food and beverage, colored oils
£2,490.62GBP / Each
£2,988.74GBP (incl VAT)
Lovibond AF329 HAZEN Comparator 2000, Hazen Colorscale WZ-99562-42 Mfr # 433290
Platinum Cobalt Color / APHA Color / Hazen Color
£3,196.63GBP / Each
£3,835.96GBP (incl VAT)
Lovibond 433280 Comparator 2000, Hazen/AlPHa Low WZ-99562-44 Mfr # 433280
Water and wastewater, edible oils, petroleum
£2,543.50GBP / Each
£3,052.20GBP (incl VAT)
Lovibond 433270 Comparator 2000, Hazen/Ness.D1209 WZ-99562-46 Mfr # 433270
Water and wastewater, chemicals, edible oils
£2,905.19GBP / Each
£3,486.23GBP (incl VAT)
Lovibond 433250 Comparator 2000, Hazen/APHa WZ-99562-48 Mfr # 433250
Water and wastewater, chemicals, edible oils
£2,494.79GBP / Each
£2,993.75GBP (incl VAT)
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