Mark-10 Accessories for Force Gauges and Torque Testers

Expand the testing capabilities of your Mark-10 force and torque systems with these parts and accessories.
£36.56 - £541.65GBP / Each
£43.87 - £649.98GBP (incl VAT)

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Mark-10 RSU100 Communication Adapter, RS-232 to USB WZ-25300-45 Mfr # RSU100
Communication Adapter, RS232 to USB for Test Stand ESM301
£130.08GBP / Each
£156.10GBP (incl VAT)
Mark-10 23-1031-2 Attachments Kit for M2-2 - M2-100 WZ-25302-78 Mfr # 23-1031-2
Gauge Attachments Kit
£89.06GBP / Each
£106.87GBP (incl VAT)
Mark-10 12-1049 Carrying Case for Force Gauges WZ-25302-79 Mfr # 12-1049
Carrying Case, for Force Gauges
£36.56GBP / Each
£43.87GBP (incl VAT)
Mark-10 AC1030 AC adapter/charger, 110V US WZ-25302-80 Mfr # AC1030
AC Adapter for M2 Force Gauges, 110 VAC
£41.79GBP / Each
£50.15GBP (incl VAT)
Mark-10 CT001 Sample Gripping Jaws for TT01 Pair WZ-25304-03 Mfr # CT001
Sample Gripping Jaws for TT01, CAT12, CTA50, or CTA100
£78.51GBP / Each
£94.21GBP (incl VAT)
Mark-10 CT002 Carrying Case for TT01 WZ-25304-04 Mfr # CT002
Carrying Case for CTA12, CTA50, or CTA100
£203.91GBP / Each
£244.69GBP (incl VAT)
Mark-10 CT003 Adjustable Gripping Jaws for TT01, pair WZ-25304-05 Mfr # CT003
Sample Gripping Jaws, Adjustable, for for CTA12, CTA50, or CTA100
£365.63GBP / Each
£438.76GBP (incl VAT)
Mark-10 15-1004 MESUR® Gauge, Single License WZ-25304-07 Mfr # 15-1004
MESUR® Gauge, Single License
£541.65GBP / Each
£649.98GBP (incl VAT)
Mark-10 15-1005 MESUR® Gauge Plus WZ-25304-50 Mfr # 15-1005
MESUR® Gauge Plus
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