Imada HTGS-ST-01 Series Handheld Digital Cap Torque Testers

Observe force changes in fractions of a millisecond
  • Process and transmit data at 2000 data points per second
  • Hand measure cap torque in any position on caps up to 2" (51 mm) diameter
  • Easily view the bright EL display under any lighting conditions
  • Set high and low torque values and view "Go/NoGo" conditions with the LED indicators
  • Store up to 1000 data points internally or send results through USB, RS-232, Digimatic, or analog outputs—data acquisition software is included
  • Power the unit using the AC adapter or wirelessly through the rechargeable internal battery (both power options are included)
The Imada HTGS-ST-01 series of handheld digital cap torque testers are rugged and ergonomic—the separate sensor with table lets you obtain measurements from any position on caps up to 2" (51 mm) in diameter. The EL (electroluminescent) display allows for viewing under any lighting conditions and features an intuitive menu with option to operate in eight different languages.
Obtain readings at ultrahigh speed—2000 data points per second in real-time or peak modes. Store up to 1000 data points on the internal memory, then transfer data to a PC using the included ZT Logger data acquisition software. The data acquisition software also allows you to stream real-time results to PC at a rate of 10 data points per second and zero the gauge from a computer. Use the USB, RS-232, Digimatic, or analog outputs to connect the torque tester to your process line. Torque testers are protected to 200% capacity and the overload alarm will flash at 110% capacity full-scale
£1,822.62 - £1,907.41GBP / Each
£2,187.14 - £2,288.89GBP (incl VAT)

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Capacity (lb-in) Capacity (N-cm)
Availability Pricing
Imada HTGS-ST-01-15 Handheld Digital Cap Torque Tester; 15 lb-in WZ-25301-88 Mfr # HTGS-ST-01-15
15 200
£1,907.41GBP / Each
£2,288.89GBP (incl VAT)
Imada HTGS-ST-01-40 Handheld Digital Cap Torque Tester; 40 lb-in WZ-25301-89 Mfr # HTGS-ST-01-40
40 500
£1,822.62GBP / Each
£2,187.14GBP (incl VAT)
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