Bürkle Compact Fluid Sampling Kit for Barrels, Canisters, and Tanks

Get a complete system with one part number
  • Eliminate cross-contamination while taking samples
  • Durable components suitable for use with viscous oils
  • Quick and comfortable sampling with hand-operated vacuum-piston pump
These vacuum sampler systems greatly reduce the possibility of cross-contamination as the liquid only comes into contact with the suction hose and sample bottle. After the sample is taken, the bottles are sealed, and the suction tubing can quickly and easily be replaced. The small-diameter 8-mm hose can reach narrow, hard-to-access sampling areas. Both models can be used with the PTFE adapter for glass thread GL45 for enhanced chemical resistance and use with other sampling bottles.

Kit 06040-94 is for general sampling from barrels, canisters, tanks, and more, as the wetted materials are polyethylene. This kit can be with the 06040-27 HDPE sampling bottle and polyethylene suction hose 06044-36 (10 m roll) or 06044-37 (100 m roll).

Kit 06040-95 is for ultrapure sampling and ideal when maximum purity or chemical resistance is required. This pump can be used with the PTFE suction hose 06044-35 (5 m roll).
£262.20 - £457.22GBP / Each
£314.64 - £548.66GBP (incl VAT)

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Description Material Max Lift (m)
Availability Pricing
Burkle 5305-0100 Barrel Sampling Kit, Polyethylene; with Bottles, Hosing, Stainless Steel Weight, and Labels WZ-06040-94 Mfr # 5305-0100
Burkle, Inc. 5305-0100 Barrel/tank sampling kit, PE, with bottles, hosing, SS weight, and labels Polyethylene 5
£262.20GBP / Each
£314.64GBP (incl VAT)
Burkle 5305-0110 Barrel Sampling Kit, PTFE; with Bottles, Hosing, Stainless Steel Weight, and Labels WZ-06040-95 Mfr # 5305-0110
Burkle, Inc. 5305-0110 Barrel/tank sampling kit, PTFE, with bottles, hosing, SS weight, and labels PTFE 5
£457.22GBP / Each
£548.66GBP (incl VAT)
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