A&D Weighing Ion Semi and Micro Analytical Balances

Weigh trace quantities with confidence – even fine powders
  • Built-in fan-less ionizer eliminates static interference
  • Interlocking doors allow you to open either door from opposite side
  • Auto-calibration when balance detects a charge in ambient temperature
  • Automatic response adjustment reduces effects from draft and vibration
  • Built-in sensors monitor, temperature, humidity, vibration and atmospheric pressure
  • Be compliant -- external data logger stores up to 5000 weighing results
These balances use a fan-less, integrated, direct current ionizer to neutralize charged samples. A green LED lights up when the ionizer is on. Transparent metal coating on the glass further minimizes the effects of static.

A bight backlit LCD allows you to easily read measurements. The units also feature one-touch digital internal calibration with auto self-cal (ASC), dual draft rings to reduce draft interferences, and a removable separation plate for weighing taller objects.
£7,646.06 - £33,739.91GBP / Each
£9,175.27 - £40,487.89GBP (incl VAT)

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Calibration Type Capacity (g) Readability (mg)
Availability Pricing
A&D Weighing BM-20 Ion Micro Balance, 22 g x 0.001 mg WZ-11110-89 Mfr # BM-20
Internal 22 0.001
£15,881.58GBP / Each
£19,057.90GBP (incl VAT)
A&D Weighing BM-22 Ion Micro Balance, 5.1/22 g x 0.001/0.01 mg WZ-11110-90 Mfr # BM-22
Internal 22 0.001
£14,093.43GBP / Each
£16,912.12GBP (incl VAT)
A&D Weighing BM-252 Ion Semi-Micro Balance, 250 g x 0.01 mg WZ-11110-91 Mfr # BM-252
Internal 250 0.01
£7,646.06GBP / Each
£9,175.27GBP (incl VAT)
A&D Weighing BM-5 Ion Micro Balance, 5.2 g x 0.001 mg WZ-11113-50 Mfr # BM-5
Internal 5.2 0.001
£33,739.91GBP / Each
£40,487.89GBP (incl VAT)
A&D Weighing BM-5D Ion Micro Balance, 2.1/5.2 g x 0.001/0.01 mg WZ-11113-51 Mfr # BM-5D
Internal 5.2 0.001
£31,868.34GBP / Each
£38,242.01GBP (incl VAT)
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