Cole-Parmer Macropipettor, 2.0-10.0 mL

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Cole-Parmer Item # WZ-07859-40
Lock volume in place with set screw
  • 6 month warranty


£299.91GBP / Each
£359.89GBP (incl VAT)

£90.44 - £142.45GBP / Each
£108.53 - £170.94GBP (incl VAT)

for an additional
£90.44GBP / Each
£108.53GBP (incl VAT)
for an additional
£142.45GBP / Each
£170.94GBP (incl VAT)
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Specifications & Description

  • SterileNo
  • Max Volume (µL)10000
  • Min Volume (µL)2000
  • Min Volume (mL)2
  • Max Volume (mL)10
  • Min Dispensing (mL)2
  • Max Dispensing (mL)10
  • Increments (mL)0.5
  • Accuracy (%)±1.00%
  • Number Of Channels1
  • DescriptionMacropipettor, 2.0-10.0 mL
  • Warranty6 month
6 Month Warranty

Key Features

  • 6 month warranty

More About this Item

Quickly adjust volume by turning the thumb knob until the yellow sight line corresponds to the desired setting on the volume window. Tighten a brass set screw, and your volume setting is locked in place.
Polypropylene construction and durable design reduce friction wear and increase precision. A piston of PTFE ensures complete sealing in a polypropylene cylinder. O-rings are not exposed to friction wear. You can draw and deliver precise samples for the entire life of the piston and cylinder.






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