Advantec 43303020 Polypropylene Filter Holder for 47-mm membranes

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Advantec Mfr # 43303020 – Item # WZ-06623-22

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Specifications & Description

  • Filter Diameter (mm)47
  • Body MaterialPolypropylene
  • O-RingSilicone
  • Filtration Area (cm²)13.5
  • Inlet Connection1/4" NPT(M), female luer slip
  • Outlet Connections1/4" NPT(M), female luer slip
  • Overall Diameter (mm)50
  • Overall Diameter (in)1.99
  • Overall Length (mm)65
  • Overall Length (in)2.56
  • DescriptionPolypropylene Filter Holder for 47-mm membranes

More About this Item

Use these polypropylene (PP) holders for ultracleaning and sterilizing liquids under pressure, or for aseptic sampling of liquids and gases. Maximum operating temperature (liquids) is 176°>F (80°>C).

Holders feature PP dual support screens and silicone O-rings. Dual support screens allow for flow in both directions. Assemble holders quickly and efficiently without membrane tears with the specially designed inlet cap and exterior lock.

Maximum operating pressure is 71 psi (4.8 bar). The 47-mm holder features a 1/4" NPT(M) on the inlet and outlet. Also has a female luer-slip fitting included. Autoclavable.


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I would buy this product again.


I bought this product to replace the borrowed one I broke. I also bought a second one, so now I have my own. Great product and service. Received on time as promised.




Good, but breaks easy at NPT connections


Good, but be very gentle at NPT connections.


Provo, UT

Great product


This is used in a gas-phase line filter before entering an FTIR instrument. It handles the pressures in our system (< 40 psi at room T) just fine, and I have no doubt that it could go higher. We had another filter from Savillex that we used to use until we noticed a leak that neither us nor the vendor could solve (they claimed it was the type of membrane filter we used, but that didn't solve the problem). Overall, good product for what it's used for. And compared to other similar products out there, this one is decently robust (its still plastic, however, the review that I read that said it broke a lot, I have not had that experience, nor do I think it any worse than the previous filter we had).


Provo, UT


Not Durable!


These filters constantly break at the male threaded end, rendering them useless. I've had at least 8 break on me.

World Bioproducts



Great filter holder


Durable, seals well, easy to use.


St. Paul


Membrane Holder-Don't leave home without


Good, Durable product.


Naperville, IL


Advantec 43303020 Polypropylene Filter Holder for 47-mm membranes

4.0 6



Can this filter holder be used for in-line removal of particles from a gas?


Yes, this filter can be used for that application. This item is the filter holder only. The filter membrane must be purchased separately.


Hello, 1) Can I use this holder to measure the bubble point pressure of my membrane? Estimated bubble point of my membrane is nearly 2 to 3 bars. Thank you


This unit will not measure bubble point, but the maximum operating pressure is 4.8 bar.


filters have a diameter of 47mm, so an area of (4.7/2)²*pi = 17cm². The filtration area is 3.5cm². How can this be? only 20% of the filter area is actually used? Could you please double check this?


The filtration area is 13.5 cm².


What replaceable filters are compatible with this product? are luer fitting included for both the inlet and outlet?


The filter paper is not included with this part number. This filter holder will accepts any 47 mm diameter filter paper. The 47-mm holder features a 1⁄4" NPT(M) thread on the inlet and a 1⁄4" NPT(M)-female luer-slip on the outlet. At the end of the threaded part (outlet) there is a nipple, it is to be used with a luer connector (option).


I need to replace all 3 o-rings for this product. Could you please give the replacement part numbers for all 3 O-rings (one for the inlet cap, one for the outlet base, and a third that seals the edges of the filter paper)? They are provided in an old question, but those part numbers are now out of date.


The inlet cap silicone o-ring is 02930-70. The outlet base silicone o-ring is 02930-75. The sealing o-ring is same as the inlet cap o-ring and is 43mm.


Can't find the replacement silicone oring number you mention to a previous customer. Could you please tell me the new? numbers? Thank you


The replacement base O-ring made from silicone can be ordered as part number: 02930-75. You can search for this number (include the dash) on the website, in the upper left corner of any page.


Hello, is there a connector to connect syringes with male luer lock included?


This fitting does include a female Luer slip.


This fitting does include a female Luer slip.


This fitting does include a female Luer slip.


We would like to use these units - pressurized - to force stream water through the filters at a faster pace, and a larger total amount of H20 before the filter itself clogs. Can these units be pressurized to 20 to 40 psi?

Maximum inlet pressure is 71 psi, maximum differential pressure between the inlet and outlet is 42 psi for this holder.


Could I acutoclave this item and use it to support s nylon filter that is 47mm in diameter (20 um pore size) and obtain a single cell suspension? I am having trouble finding pre-made sterile cell strainers below 40 um, and my protocol requires a 10 um cut-off size.


Yes, this can be autoclaved. And it can be used with a nylon filter that is 47mm in diameter.


Hi, A previous customer asked for the Item #'s for o-rings that are more resistant than the silicone o-rings that come standard with this filter holder. Item numbers 00255UQ and 00167XA were given. I notice that these are both described as inlet o-rings. Do you have Item #'s for resistant outlet base and sealing o-rings? Thank You

Looney Lab Worker

The 00255UQ is the Viton inlet O-ring to replace the Silicone O-ring that came with the unit. The 00167XA is the same inlet o-ring made from EPR (commonly called EPDM Rubber). The outlet base O-ring made of Viton is out item number 00255US. The outlet base o-ring made of EPR is 00167XB. The sealing o-ring is the same as the inlet o-ring.



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