Vaccine Cold Chain

Solutions for your Vaccine Cold Chain

The vaccine cold chain is complicated with temperature challenges from end to end. Keep your vaccines safe, be compliant, and ensure your vaccine reaches the end user uncompromised when you use Traceable®, TraceableLIVE®, Cole-Parmer® and PolarSafe® products during storage and transport.

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syringe and vaccine vial


To manage an effective vaccine Cold Chain and be compliant, you must monitor the temperature while the vaccine is in storage and transit (and log the results for future review). This ensures your vaccine efficacy has not been compromised. Cloud-based technology allows you to manage this from a distance for added confidence.



Although many vaccines are stored between +2° C and +8° C, there are also vaccines stored at -20° C and even newer vaccines that need to stored at ultra-low temperatures (-80° C). What is common in each situation is they have to reliably stay at the desired temperature and are organized for easy access and management — all the while ensuring the vaccine Cold Chain is not broken.



In many applications, vaccine transportation will involve smaller amounts being moved short distances to secondary distributors, clinics, or simply to another building across the street because a refrigerator failed. This becomes a critical point to ensure the Cold Chain is not broken, and your vaccine is not compromised.