TraceableLIVE has been updated!

June, 2022
1. Pre-Set Templates – Pre-loaded templates set up for monitoring SPEX chemical products according to the manufacturer's preferred settings will be available at launch. Additional templates, including some ZeptoMetrix products are planned to be launched in the future. These pre-loaded templates will be available to Standard and Premium level TraceableLIVE subscribers.

2. Template Set-Up Function – At launch, TraceableLIVE premium subscribers will be able to create their own templates according to whatever parameters they wish, including the ability to set their own min/max, time zones, times, and notification types, as well as the name and description of their template. Once set, the template can be chosen from a drop-down menu and users can see how many devices are associated with each template. Users can create an unlimited number of templates.

3. Device-Based User Notifications – As of June 10th, all TraceableLIVE subscribers will be able to set up and apply monitoring and alarm settings by device instead of by location. The benefits of this update are a simplified setup process, the ability to set up notifications on a ‘per-device’ basis, and admins will be able to assign specific users to specific devices.
March 2022
30-Day Free Trial – Get the TraceableLIVE Premium subscription FREE for 30 days when you sign up for a new Free subscription plan. Enjoy everything TraceableLIVE has to offer, including the AppleWatch® app, voice notifications, and SMS text notifications.
February 2022
1. Apple Watch® App - Get notified wherever you are! TraceableLIVE premium subscribers will be able to access their devices and notifications via Apple Watch.

2. Voice Notification Escalation - Now TraceableLIVE Premium subscribers can set up an escalation path that generates an automated phone message for out-of-range conditions to mobile and landline phones. It’s easy to set up, and ideal for high-importance escalations.

3. VFC Compliance Updates - All TraceableLIVE users will be able to output secure PDF files as required by California code.

4. Enhanced Performance – All TraceableLIVE users will be able to receive the new updated app. Improvements will provide better support to users with increased speed and functionality improvements. The app will automatically update on your device OR you can manually update it if auto-updates are turned off.