Using OEM Services to Create a Custom Peristaltic Pump System

Using OEM Services to Create
a Custom Peristaltic Pump System

A beverage producer envisions a dispenser that delivers protein and vitamin additives along with a power drink for health clubs. OEM Services helps create the prototype with a custom pump compact enough to fit within the dispenser.

An analytical instrument and reagent manufacturer needs to pull samples for agitation and analysis. She uses multiple pump heads in her system and wants a package that will allow for easy ordering of replacement pump heads. OEM Services creates the package that simplifies the process.

A wastewater processing equipment integrator requires a pump for accurately dosing chemicals for water conditioning. He seeks a specific wall-mounted controller with drive to meet space requirements. OEM Services delivers the system he needs.

Customized pump systems have enabled manufacturers to pump inks onto electric cable installations, operate high-purity filtration systems for pharmaceutical production and other applications, and meet previously unmet needs in industries ranging from wastewater treatment to biotechnology to bottling to metal finishing.

Why OEM?

Because peristaltic pumps are very clean (only the tubing itself touches the fluid) and offer precise flow rates and dispensing rates, they are often the choice for many fluid dispensing applications. Once buyers have settled on a peristaltic pump as their best option, they assess which type of peristaltic pump would work best for them.

To meet the objective of specialty applications that cannot rely on a traditional, modular, or “off-the-shelf” system, OEM Services steps in to deliver an effective solution. Typical reasons for requesting OEM are:

  • Control. These customers require custom attributes to meet their exact requirements from custom design enclosure to specific control firmware to integrate into their control scheme.
  • Size. To fit in a compact space or a cleanroom environment, a pump may need to be much smaller or shaped differently.
  • Components. If a pump head and motor is all that is needed to work within equipment or a custom component is required, OEM can create the setup.

The Process of Innovation

Starting from scratch to build a custom solution involves a process. This process begins with an idea or concept, effectively an engineer’s wish list. Collaboration is paramount here as clients’ true goals are clarified and developed.

Once the idea is refined and performance and cost parameters are set, OEM design experts generate a product specification. This is then made more concrete by using innovative 3D CAD systems, stress analysis tools, and 3D printed models to develop a design.

With a design in hand, the OEM team identifies the significant components of the system and constructs them. The design moves to the rapid prototype development phase for engineering.

When a prototype is ready, it is tested under actual conditions. This testing is mandated by regulatory compliance organizations and is essential to meet UL, ETL, and CE under ISO: 9001 standards.

Once the product is shipped to the customer and placed in operation, support continues in the form of quality assurance audits and other requested services.

Cole-Parmer offers OEM Services for pump flow rates less than 10µL/min to more than 400 LPM and pressure performance up to 10.2 bar. Because applications, engineering, and R&D are all under one roof, the process is seamless and easier for customers.