Are You Preparing to Re-Open?

Following the lockdown, return to research and testing facilities has been carefully orchestrated, with in-depth risk assessment and prudent initiatives to implement hygiene and cleanliness protocols, managing social distancing requirements and monitoring the risk of a local outbreak.

Shop By Workplace Areas

One-way traffic maintained through clearly marked entrances & exits



Set up checkpoints at entrances to restrict symptomatic employees & visitors from accessing the facility


Common Areas & Hand Sanitisers

Minimise contact in common areas, increase surface testing & adjust cleaning & sanitisation processes



Create designated exit points to facilitate the flow of foot traffic & ensure screening checkpoints are used by all site patrons

  • Clearly mark entrances, exits & traffic direction to ensure visibility of safety measures around the site.

  • Provide employees with masks for emergency evacuation incidents, when social distancing cannot be prioritised.

  • A polyethylene, splash resistant alternative for use around the facility that can be disposed off when required.

  • Deactivate dangerous waste and arrange for final disposal according to Health & Safety & regulatory requirements.


Determine COVID-19 infection & presence with PCR-based virus testing


Testing Station and Cold Transport

Samples collected from asymptomatic employees for COVID-19 screening; transported under cold chain to testing labs along with sample swabs from high-touch surfaces.


Virus Testing

Nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal & surface swabs are tested for SARS-CoV-2 using PCR to determine viral presence & microbial load

  • Prevent sample degradation on the bench; maintain low temperatures for prolonged periods.

  • Compact qPCR thermal cycler used to detect and quantify viral DNA from surface swabs. Not suitable for IVD detection.

  • Samples kept cold, clean and dry for several hours without puddles and float-away tubes.

  • RNase, DNase and endotoxin free; autoclavable tips offer accurate, aerosol-free liquid transfer.

  • Powder- and latex-free gloves offer supreme sensitivity, excellent comfort and maximum protection. Low particulates prevent glove related cross-contamination.



Rearrange lab spaces according to social distancing guidelines, facing benches away from each other. Equip each station with individuals tools, supplies & consumables to reduce the need for sharing

  • A set of pipettors suitable for most common bench-top liquid transfer processes; accurately measures a range of volumes from 10 to 1000 µL.

  • Compact, fixed-speed microcentrifuge, perfect for personal workspaces. Offers quick spin down and routine centrifugation programs.

  • Personal, portable and economical pocket testers for accurately measuring pH, TDS, salinity, and conductivity. Provide individual units to reduce sharing.

  • NIST-traceable compliant, compact and portable buffer solutions offer calibration options for pH, conductivity and TDS meters without the need for sharing.

  • Ideal for benchtop heating and stirring applications. Fully programmable interior, customisable exterior and a choice of colours; provide each workstation with a unique hotplate stirrer

  • Calibrated timers designed for scientific applications, offering accurate timekeeping and a range of alarm options to suit different workplace needs.

  • Autoclavable polypropylene tube rack that can be rotated to accommodate test tubes, Falcon tubes and microcentrifuge tubes.

  • Compact benchtop incubator. Essential for heating applications, the range can offer the required features for your workflow.

  • Compact fridge/freezer units for cold storage of samples and reagents that are in use every day.

  • Create personal waste disposal stations with autoclavable, colour-changing biohazard bags & stands; minimise unnecessary contact and movement in the lab.


Cold Store

Preserve sample integrity & longevity. Use remote access tools to accurately monitor cold & cryo-storage areas.


Controlled Area

Single-use products that reduce contact & cross-contamination enhancing fluid handling workflows. Reduce cleanup, sterilisation & validation time & cost to improve productivity and efficiency

  • Improve time and cost effectiveness by eliminating the need for washing, cleaning and revalidation of the rigid, reusable tank systems.


Remote Access

Cloud-based remote-access tools, for monitoring & control of critical processes, enhancing social distancing and remote working options

  • Cloud-based platform with real-time remote access and control of critical pump parameters; receive 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliant data to a PC, phone or tablet.

  • Remotely monitor temperature through the cloud-based interface using a PC or mobile device. Receive real-time notifications if temperature deviates from the set range.

  • Remotely manage multiple machines, simplify workflows, and securely archive and share research data with colleagues and third parties using the cloud-based platform.