Vaisala Dew Point and Temperature Meters

Take in-line measurements with a handheld meter
  • Handheld meter withstands condensation for use in pressurized spaces
  • Drycap® sensor technology provides accuracy, reliability, long-term stability, and fast response
  • Meter logs all readings for later analysis—simply download to your PC via the RS-232 interface
Dewpoint meter is ideal for use in industrial spot checking of compressed air lines, plastic molding processes, and other dry gas applications. Meter accurately measures dew point temperature from –40 to 140°F (–40 to 60°C). Sensing probe features the unique Drycap polymer-based technology that enables reliable dewpoint measurement. The easy-to-connect sample cell adapter withstands condensation and is easily connected allowing it to be placed directly in pressurized spaces. Readings are displayed either numerically or graphically on the backlit LCD simply press a key and the display changes to a real-time graphic display. Meter has a unique auto-calibration feature that extends the calibration interval and provides long-term stability.
£3,544.84 - £4,718.70GBP / Each
£4,253.81 - £5,662.44GBP (incl VAT)

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Max RH Range (%) Max Temperature (° F) Min Temperature (° F)
Availability Pricing
Vaisala Drycap Dew Point and Temperature Meter WZ-37301-30 Mfr # DM70D1A1A3B1
100 140 -40
£3,544.84GBP / Each
£4,253.81GBP (incl VAT)
Vaisala Dewpoint Meter with Probe and USB Cable WZ-37804-01 Mfr # DM70D5B1A3B1
100 140 14
£4,718.70GBP / Each
£5,662.44GBP (incl VAT)
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