Thermo Scientific Hypersil SAS (C1) Classical HPLC Columns

High-efficiency columns with proven results and reproducibility
Thermo Scientific Hypersil columns have been trusted by researchers for over 30 years. Each batch of silica produced for these columns is tested to make sure it results in the same separations as previous batches, guaranteeing you have the same results time after time, even after changing your column. The wide range of phases ensures a column is available to match your application.
Hypersil SAS (C1) Columns are the least retentive of the Hypersil columns and are useful for ion-pair separations. Exhibiting good stability, these columns show selectivity for polar analytes and multifunctional compounds. Stable in pH range of 2 to 8.
£460.47 - £688.00GBP / Each
£552.56 - £825.60GBP (incl VAT)

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Column Inside Diameter (ID) (mm) Column Length (mm) Column Particle Size (µm)
Availability Pricing
Thermo Scientific Hypersil 30503-254630 SAS (C1) Column - Length 250mm, 4.6mm ID, 3µm particle size WZ-01888-56 Mfr # 30503-254630
4.6 250 3
£533.07GBP / Each
£639.68GBP (incl VAT)
Thermo Scientific Hypersil 30505-154630 SAS (C1) Column - Length 150mm, 4.6mm ID, 5µm particle size WZ-01888-71 Mfr # 30505-154630
4.6 150 5
£460.47GBP / Each
£552.56GBP (incl VAT)
Thermo Scientific Hypersil 30505-254630 SAS (C1) Column - Length 250mm, 4.6mm ID, 5µm particle size WZ-01888-75 Mfr # 30505-254630
4.6 250 5
£688.00GBP / Each
£825.60GBP (incl VAT)
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