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Create your own lab-on-a-chip set up
  • Use a smaller amount of reagent—nanoliters and picoliters—to save money
  • Save time—results can be obtained in a few seconds instead of hour or days
Evaporating liquids and transporting liquids to and from the wells have become difficult with decreasing well volume and size. Microfluidics is fast becoming the accepted solution to drug discovery using titer plates. By turning a batch process into a continuous flow process, the volume of liquid used for one experiment can be decreased by three fold resulting in a significant reduction of cost per analysis.

On this web page, Cole-Parmer is introducing our first lab-on-a-chip product line to assist in your microfluidics research.

Lab-on-a-chip is an advanced technology that integrates a microfluidic system on a microscale chip. It is the miniaturization of a laboratory to a small device. The “laboratory” is created by means of channels, mixers, reservoirs, diffusion chambers, integrated electrodes, pumps, valves and more. With lab-on-chip technology, complete laboratories can be created in as little as one square centimeter!

Although the benefits are numerous, the ones that are most often cited are (1) a decrease of reagent consumption and waste, (2) a reduction of cost per analysis, (3) faster analyses and results in a few seconds, (4) safer chemical experiments and reactions, (5) improved data quality, (6) better controllable process parameters in chemical reactions, and (7) increased resolution of separations.
£193.20 - £1,540.35GBP / Set of 1
£231.84 - £1,848.42GBP (incl VAT)

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Micronit FC_FC4515 Fluidic Connect 4515 - Chip Holder And Inverter Frame WZ-75956-00 Mfr # FC_FC4515
£1,540.35GBP / Each
£1,848.42GBP (incl VAT)
Micronit FC_TF_KIT Microfluidic PTFE Connection Kit for Lab-on-chip experiments WZ-75956-12 Mfr # FC_TF_KIT
£221.55GBP / Set of 1
£265.86GBP (incl VAT)
Micronit FC_SS_KIT Microfluidic Stainless Steel Connection Kit for Lab-on-chip experiments WZ-75956-14 Mfr # FC_SS_KIT
£281.40GBP / Set of 1
£337.68GBP (incl VAT)
Micronit Microfluidic Microreactor Chip Set, 145 micrometer with 0.28 microliter internal vol. WZ-75956-34 Mfr # FC_R50.332.3_PACK
£193.20GBP / Pkg of 1
£231.84GBP (incl VAT)
Micronit FC_TD26_PACK Microfluidic Micromixer Chip Set, 700 micrometer, 2.0 microliter internal vol. WZ-75956-41 Mfr # FC_TD26_PACK
£533.40GBP / Pkg of 1
£640.08GBP (incl VAT)
Micronit Microfluidic Cross Channel Chip Set, 700 micrometer, 0.04 microliter internal vol WZ-75956-50 Mfr # FC_X3550CH.2_PACK
£193.20GBP / Pkg of 1
£231.84GBP (incl VAT)
Micronit Microfluidic Cross Channel Chip Set, 145 micrometer with 0.04 microliter internal vol WZ-75956-51 Mfr # FC_X3550CH.3_PACK
£382.20GBP / Pkg of 1
£458.64GBP (incl VAT)
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