LMI Manually Adjustable Control Metering Pumps

Manually adjustable stroke length and stroke frequency provide precise control of flow rates
  • Clear face cover protects pump controls on low flow models (1 GPH and lower)
  • Chemical-resistant housing provides protection in harsh environments
These pumps include a four-function valve — an anti-siphon, back pressure, priming, and pressure relief valve all in one.
What's included: a four-function valve, 16-ft polyethylene tubing, foot valve/strainer, and 8-ft power cord with molded plug.
Service kits include a replacement diaphragm, seal, four pump head screws, and check valves.
£755.00 - £1,705.00GBP / Each
£906.00 - £2,046.00GBP (incl VAT)

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Max Flow Rate (mL/min) Min Flow Rate (mL/min) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
LMI B122-398 SI Manual control solenoid diaphragm metering pump, 2.5 GPH, 230 VAC WZ-74513-25 Mfr # W2T458030
158 0.79 230
£1,090.00GBP / Each
£1,308.00GBP (incl VAT)
LMI C122-368 SI Manual control solenoid diaphragm metering pump, 4.0 GPH, 230 VAC WZ-74513-35 Mfr # W2T464593
252 1.26 230
£1,367.00GBP / Each
£1,640.40GBP (incl VAT)
LMI AA172-358SI Manual control solenoid diaphragm metering pump, 0.42 GPH, 230 VAC WZ-74517-06 Mfr # W2T528929
26.7 0.4 230
£1,705.00GBP / Each
£2,046.00GBP (incl VAT)
LMI AA152-398SI Manual control solenoid diaphragm metering pump, 1.0 GPH, 230 VAC WZ-74517-16 Mfr # W2T477996
63.3 0.63 230
£755.00GBP / Each
£906.00GBP (incl VAT)
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