Digital Stroboscopes

Freezes rotating or reciprocating machinery for visual inspection without stopping production
  • Bright LED display aids viewing in poorly lit areas
  • External trigger allows unit to be automatically synchronized with equipment
  • Continuous duty cycle eliminates need to shut down for cooling
  • Phase shift allows visual analysis of rotating/reciprocating objects
  • Easy adjust flash rate controller dial
  • Synchronous output enables strobe to drive other strobes
  • Easy tri-pod or permanent mounting with integral mounting thread
  • Internal, fast-charge rechargeable battery supply
These light weight stroboscopes are designed for quality control, motion analysis, vibration problems, maintenance work, experiments in engineering school projects, production line checks, examination and speed measurement of motors under various loads, gear movement and engagement, alignment of parts, cams, propellers, fan blades, centrifuges, spindles, turbines and other machinery exhibiting repetitive motion. They also provide pertinent information on the motion of vibrating parts, oil leaks, liquid spray patterns, and a host of other industrial and scientific applications.
The stroboscopes also feature phase shifting, rotary pulse indicator, floating decimal point and LED digital display, slave functions, and manual flash rate control. As electronic digital tachometers, you can measure RPM without contact or special markings.
£501.40 - £703.80GBP / Each
£601.68 - £844.56GBP (incl VAT)

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Display Type Max Flash Range (fpm) Description
Availability Pricing
Shimpo DT-725 Digital Stroboscope with Internal Battery; 115 VAC WZ-53560-28 Mfr # DT-725
5 Digit LED 12500 Digital Stroboscope with Internal Battery and external triggering
£501.40GBP / Each
£601.68GBP (incl VAT)
Shimpo DT-725 KIT Digital Stroboscope Kit; 100 VAC WZ-53560-29 Mfr # DT-725 KIT
5 Digit LED 12500 DT-725 Digital Phase Shifting Stroboscope Kit with external triggering
£639.40GBP / Each
£767.28GBP (incl VAT)
Shimpo DT-725-230V Digital Stroboscope with Internal Battery; 220 VAC WZ-53560-30 Mfr # DT-725-230V
5 Digit LED 12500 Digital Stroboscope w/internal battery, 220V
£565.80GBP / Each
£678.96GBP (incl VAT)
Shimpo DT-725KIT-220V Digital Stroboscope Kit; 220 VAC WZ-53560-32 Mfr # DT-725KIT-230V
5 Digit LED 12500 Digital Stroboscope kit, 220 VAC, W/Charger Case/Flash Tube and external triggering
£703.80GBP / Each
£844.56GBP (incl VAT)
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