Desco ESD Mats

Eliminate static from your work area
Desco mats are available in a variety of materials for your static control applications and meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirements.
Statfree® Type T2 Benchtop Mats have superior heat-, chemical-, and wear-resistance. All feature two layers of 100% nitrile butadiene industrial-grade rubber; the top layer is dissipative and the bottom layer is conductive. Available in blue or gray, in kit or roll.
Statfree® Type CV Floor Mat Kit has excellent chemical-resistance, is humidity independent, and is made of conductive vinyl.
Statfree® Type i Floor Mat Kit interlocks to provide anti-fatigue properties over large areas. Mat features conductive rubber construction and an ergonomic dome/support cell structure design.
£153.00 - £1,210.00GBP / Each
£183.60 - £1,452.00GBP (incl VAT)

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Accuracy Power (VAC) Range
Availability Pricing
Desco 66045 Benchtop Mat Kit, T2, Blue (48"L x 24"W) WZ-26809-60 Mfr # 66045
£158.00GBP / Each
£189.60GBP (incl VAT)
Desco 66055 Benchtop Mat Kit, T2, Gray (48"L x 24"W) WZ-26809-61 Mfr # 66055
£153.00GBP / Each
£183.60GBP (incl VAT)
Desco 66070 Benchtop Mat, T2, Blue Roll (480"L x 24"W) WZ-26809-62 Mfr # 66070
£836.00GBP / Each
£1,003.20GBP (incl VAT)
Desco 66075 Benchtop Mat, T2, Blue Roll (480"L x 36"W) WZ-26809-63 Mfr # 66075
£1,210.00GBP / Each
£1,452.00GBP (incl VAT)
Desco 66080 Benchtop Mat, T2, Gray Roll (480"L x 24"W) WZ-26809-64 Mfr # 66080
£832.00GBP / Each
£998.40GBP (incl VAT)
Desco 66085 Benchtop Mat, T2, Gray Roll (480"L x 36"W) WZ-26809-65 Mfr # 66085
£1,210.00GBP / Each
£1,452.00GBP (incl VAT)
Desco 40930 ESD Floor Mat, 36 x 24" (L x W) WZ-26809-74 Mfr # 40930
£171.00GBP / Each
£205.20GBP (incl VAT)
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