Argos Technologies® PolarSafe® 2D Cryogenic Vials, Sterile

Embedded Datamatrix code provides fast and accurate sample processing
  • Innovative “channels of evacuation” design allows fluid to easily drain from the vials
The PolarSafe cryogenic 2D vials, available in 2 and 5 mL sizes with internally or externally threaded caps, are idea for rapid processing of biological samples. The embedded Datamatrix code at the bottom of each vial along with the corresponding “Code 128” barcode on the body of the vial, saves time and provides accurate organization and tracking of valuable samples.

The 2D vials can be safely stored in polycarbonate boxes (purchase separately). The storage boxes also feature the 2D Datamatrix code and Code 128 barcode to provide automatic identification of both the box and stored vials.

Rated for use down to -196°C. Liquid phase storage may cause entrapment of liquefied nitrogen inside the vial and lead to pressure build-up, resulting in possible explosion or biohazard release. It is recommended storing in the gas phase above the nitrogen (-178 to –150ºC) to prevent issue. Recommend filling the tube with no more than 90% of the total nominal volume to permit sample expansion.

£85.55 - £104.50GBP / Pkg of 50
£102.66 - £125.40GBP (incl VAT)

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Height (mm) Thread Volume (mL)
Availability Pricing
47 External 2
£97.35GBP / Pkg of 50
£116.82GBP (incl VAT)
89 External 5
£85.55GBP / Pkg of 50
£102.66GBP (incl VAT)
47 Internal 2
£104.50GBP / Pkg of 50
£125.40GBP (incl VAT)
89 Internal 5
£96.62GBP / Pkg of 50
£115.94GBP (incl VAT)
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