Masterflex L/S & I/P Drives with Advanced Networking & Communication

All units are equipped with Masterflex open-head sensor technology, are able to accept the full range of Masterflex® L/S® or I/P® pump heads, and use tubing from the broadest selection of performance materials in the industry.


Process Automation Controls

Process Automation Controls

Effortlessly integrate your pump into existing systems


• Common Industrial Protocol via Ethernet/IP
• Compatible with today’s advanced automated control systems
• Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) provided at no extra cost

Remote Control

Remote control

Monitor, Program and Control your pump remotely


• Manage your pump from an iOS-enabled tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth
• Cloud monitoring through Ethernet connection for pump verification and alarms
• USB protocols for PC connectivity and communications

Ethernet/IP, Advanced Networking & Communication Masterflex Drives

Profibus, Advanced Networking & Communication Masterflex Drives

Take Control of Your Science!

  • Save Time

    Control all aspects of your pump without the need to glove up

  • Fast Integration

    No need for cumbersome or expensive adapters or gateways

  • Immediate Alerts

    Get notified to a problem with your experiment right away