Cole-Parmer Stuart Analog Stirring Hot Plate, Aluminum, White; 230 VAC

Cole-Parmer Stuart Analog Stirring Hot Plate, Aluminum, White; 230 VAC Cole-Parmer Stuart
Item # WZ-04806-15

£420.00GBP / Each
£504.00GBP (incl VAT)


Specifications & Description

  • Top Plate Length (in)6
  • Top Plate Width (in)6
  • Top Plate Length (cm)15
  • Top Plate Width (cm)15
  • Top Plate MaterialAluminum
  • Max Temperature (° F)617
  • Max Temperature (° C)325
  • Low Speed (rpm)50
  • High Speed (rpm)1400
  • Max Stirring Volume (Liters)15
  • Length (in)11 13/16
  • Width (in)7
  • Height (in)3
  • Length (cm)30
  • Width (cm)18
  • Height (cm)9.3
  • Power (VAC)230
  • Power (Hz)50/60
  • Power (watts)700
  • DescriptionAnalog Stirring Hot Plate, Aluminum, White, 230V


Two 25-mm PTFE-coated stir bars and power cord with plug.

Key Features

  • Hot surface warning light flashes when plate temperature is above 50°C
  • Durable front panel resists spills and chemicals
  • Available in various interface, plate surface, and body color configurations
  • Hockey stick LED array displays actual surface temperature and stirring speed
  • Ceramic-coated aluminum surface offers a robust top plate with excellent heat transmission
  • For 230 VAC operation

More About this Item

Ideal for day-to-day use by scientific professionals and students, the Stuart stirring hot plates offer precise temperature control and stirring speed of your samples. Powerful magnets provide stirring speeds of up to 1400 rpm and the ability to mix large volumes up to 15 L. The simple body design allows spillages to be easily deflected from the user. Front control panel resists spills and the glass is chemically toughened for extra resilience. When plate temperature rises above 50°C, a hot warning light flashes even if the unit is turned off or unplugged. All units feature an integral fixing point for a retort rod and are BioCote™ antimicrobial protected.

Each stirring hot plate is custom designed. Select a favorite body color and choose between a glass ceramic or ceramic-coated aluminum plate surface. The glass ceramic plate is chemical resistant, easy to clean, and allows for very high plate temperatures; plus the white surface ensures good visibility of color changes. The ceramic-coated aluminum plate offers excellent heat transmission, rapid heating with a 700-watt element, even temperature distribution, and is chemical resistant. The stirring hot plates also feature three different interface models-analog, digital, and premium.

The analog interface model features two ‘hockey stick’ LED arrays for temperature and stirring speed. The surface temperature and speed ranges are indicated by progressively illuminating LED lights. To achieve accurate sample temperature control up to 200°C, a digital temperature controller (sold separately) can be connected to the rear of the unit.






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