LED indicator lights and other signals or alarms are essential for maintain laboratory safety. LED indicator lights and other alarm products are designed to provide you with a visual signal when a measured condition is out of a preprogrammed range so that you know that corrective action is necessary. LED indicator lights are usually visual lights or displays that communicate the ongoing status of the parameters or processes it measures. Indicators typically do this by visual means through light color changes or strobe lighting. Cole-Parmer offers indoor applications such as personal safety warning alarms, process status indicators, and process alarms or warning devices. We also offer you outdoor audible warnings and alarms. These products are produced by one of the leading manufacturers of alarm and indicator products in the world. Let us know if you do not see the specific item you are looking for since odds are we can get it for you. Our industry leading team of customer service and application personnel are excited to help you find exactly what you are looking for. If you have a question about LED indicator lights contact a Cole-Parmer Technical Expert today.
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