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Traceable data loggers

What does traceable mean?

It’s all in the context: traceable vs. Traceable® Metrological traceability In the context of measurement science, traceable, when referring to metrological traceability, is the property of a measurement result in which the result can be…

Webinar banner Amplify Your PCR Success

Webinar: Amplify Your PCR Success

PCR is not as difficult as you may think Dates: April 22, 2021, Thursday  Time:  10 am PDT (Los Angeles) | 12 pm CDT (Chicago) | 1 pm EDT (New York)  Hosted by: Joe Griffiths-Barrasso   Presented by:   Patricia Atkins, Senior Applications Scientist at Spex® CertiPrep  Alan H. Katz, PhD, Director, Global…