What is Foodborne Illness?

Foodborne illness for Spex podcast

Sources and common dangers of foodborne and waterborne illness.

Millions of people get foodborne and waterborne illnesses every year. Thousands of people will succumb to their illnesses. Food safety and testing are a critical part of analytical research to ensure that chemicals, bacteria, viruses and molds do not endanger the food we consume or the water we drink.

As human beings, we are exposed to potential pathogens all day long. Think about everything in your life that you are exposed to: the foods you eat, the pharmaceuticals you take, the water you drink, and what you breathe. These become the pathogens we must monitor. There are physical and chemical contaminants that can seep into food or water. Then you have parasites and microbiological contamination. All of these can affect us. Listen to the complete Spex Speaks Science podcast to learn more.

Foodborne illness podcast

In this Spex Speaks Science podcast, we will look at the sources of foodborne illness and some of the most common or dangerous causes for foodborne illness.

Hosted by Patricia Atkins, Spex’s Senior Applications Scientist

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