Are You Worried About Losing Irreplaceable Samples?

Digi-Sense Liquid Nitrogen Data Logger with TraceableLIVE® Remote Monitoring
Digi-Sense Liquid Nitrogen Data Logger with TraceableLIVE® Wireless Capability and Calibration; with two stainless steel probes. One probe models are also available.

Recently in the news, two fertility clinics in the U.S. encountered unexpected temperature fluctuations with their storage banks, where eggs and embryos were cryogenically frozen. These irreplaceable samples were compromised, and it’s not known if they will be usable for their intended purposes of invitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. Incidents like these can be devastating for everyone involved. It’s even heartbreaking for those of us who hear about it. Some questions many of us ask are, “How could this happen?” and “How could this have been prevented?”

Ensure Viability of Your Irreplaceable Samples

If you work with biological samples stored in liquid nitrogen, you don’t have to risk losing valuable samples or stay awake at night worrying about them. You can take one simple step to ensure the viability of your cryogenically-stored samples—invest in a liquid nitrogen data logger with remote monitoring.

Digi-Sense Liquid Nitrogen Data Loggers

The Digi-Sense Liquid Nitrogen Data Logger with TraceableLIVE® Wireless Capability and Calibration lets you monitor temperatures around the clock. Connect to your data from anywhere via smartphone, tablet, or PC using TraceableLIVE wireless capability*.

This data logging thermometer with Wi-Fi connectivity continuously monitors cryogenic storage temperature and sends data to connected mobile devices. Set alarms and receive push notifications to alert you to when conditions are outside of the safe range, so you can act before you lose priceless samples

You can securely monitor real-time temperatures, control your alarm parameters remotely, view your data logging history, run reports in real time, and give access to other team members. Get mobile push notifications, emails, or texts for temperature alarms, connectivity interruptions, or low-battery conditions.

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