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The NEW Masterflex® E/S™ Portable Sampler

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Feature Article Volume 2, Number 1, 2000
The NEW Masterflex® E/S Portable Sampler

The NEW Masterflex® E/S portable sampler, a part of the environmental sampling series from Masterflex® tubing pumps, is designed for the ultimate in portability and versatility. Use it anywhere—even where there is no source of electrical power, or where conventional electrical sources may be unsafe or impractical.

The sampler is compatible with all Masterflex® L/S® Standard, Quick Load®, PTFE-Tubing (see related article on page 3), and Easy-Load® pump heads. The IP54-rated control panel protects the sampler against inclement weather and water splash.

For added peace of mind when you are using the portable sampler outdoors, the unit is designed for buoyancy. Inadvertently drop it in water and it will float up to 30 minutes when the case is closed and latched.

The sealed, self-contained 12 VDC rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours of nonstop operation in the field. For longer sampling durations, simply order a spare battery, which includes an adapter cable for quick connection through the external power port. The battery can be charged from any AC power supply, or a DC voltage source of lower voltaic potential than the battery itself.

Actuate switch for battery status indicator to prevent surprises in the field. The indicator shows full charge, partial charge, and recharge status.

You can run the drive indefinitely from any AC outlet or with a 12 VDC power supply located in your car, truck, or boat. An AC adapter is included, while a cigarette lighter adapter is sold separately.

The easy-to-use control panel features a single-turn potentiometer for speed control. Run the pump at maximum speed to prime or purge your line prior to the start of sampling. The front panel also features a green ON indicator, and three position power and reversing switch.

At the heart of the E/S sampler is a variable-speed motor with a top speed of 400 rpm, allowing you to adjust the flow rate to the needs of your application.

To make sure you never leave your pump behind in the field, it is encased in high-visibility yellow housing for easy recognition and recovery. The case comes with a convenient carrying handle for easy transport, and weighs only 16 pounds, with most of the weight positioned near the bottom of the case to provide a low center of gravity. The case measures approximately 16 inches high by 11 inches wide and 10 inches deep.

The pump includes an easy-to-follow instruction manual and AC adapter with 12-ft cable. To run off a DC power supply, an optional cigarette lighter adapter is available. Order replacement pump heads separately.