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<%=Session("company_name")%> now offers more than 30,000 chemicals to meet your company's growing needs. We proudly distribute the complete lines of FISHER, RICCA and ACROS chemicals, featuring:

  • Chemical and environmental testing solutions, including APHA/EPA and analytical reagents, ICP and AA standards
  • A complete selection of inorganics and solvents
  • A complete selection of organics, including deuterated compounds, dyes, stains and monomers, and optically active products and organometallics

Order in single-container quantities of up to 50 liters!

We can also custom make solutions specific to your requirements. Just call a <%=Session("company_name")%> Application Specialist at 800-323-4340.

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Purity Grades for Every Application

Plasma Grade—Plasma/ICP, environmental testing, trace-metal analysis
GC Resolv®—Gas chromatography (GC)
Environmental grade—HPLC, trace-organic analysis, environmental testing
OPTIMA—HPLC, GC, plasma/ICP, spectrophotometry, and pesticide residue analysis
HPLC—HPLC and spectrophotometry procedures
Pesticide—GC with electron capture detector (ECD), pesticide residue analysis
USP/NF/FCC/EP/BP/JP—Food and drug laboratories, biological testing
Spectranalyzed®—Ultraviolet and visible wavelength detectors (UV-VIS)
Biotechnology—Electrophoresis, molecular biology, sequencing, and peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis
Scintanalyzed—Liquid scintillation counting
Electronic—Electronics and circuit board manufacturing
TraceMetal—Primarily used in digestion of samples prior to instrument (ICP) analysis
Certified ACS Plus—Analytical application with tighter metal specifications
p.a.—Pro analysi
Certified ACS—Analytical application requiring tight specifications
Certified—General analytical procedures
Histology—Tissue processing, clinical or histology procedures
Laboratory and Technical (tech)—Manufacturing and general laboratory use

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Hazard Icons

Internationally recognized symbols are included in the product descriptions of hazardous materials. The source of these pictographs is the Official Journal of the European Communities, Annex to Commission Directive 98/98/ECC as of the 27th adaptation of Annex I. For additional hazard information, refer to the chemical's MSDS.

Dangerous for the Environment

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Storage Codes Provide Guidelines

A color-coded bar on the label of every chemical provides an instant guide to storage. The storage code color is also denoted by its initial, and spelled out for additional clarification. The five storage colors and their descriptions are as follows:

RED (R): Flammable. Store in area segregated for flammable reagents.

BLUE (B): Health hazard. Toxic if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through skin. Store in secure area.

YELLOW (Y): Reactive and oxidizing reagents. May react violently with air, water, or other substances. Store away from flammable and combustible materials.

WHITE (W): Corrosive. May harm skin, eyes, mucous membranes. Store away from red-, yellow- and blue-coded reagents.

GRAY (G): Presents no more than moderate hazard in any of the other categories. For general chemical storage.

Note: for additional storage information, refer to the chemical's MSDS.

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Special Ordering Information
Chemicals are available to U.S. customers only

  • Chemicals will only be sold to businesses, institutions, full-time educators, and other professionals with valid <%=Session("company_name")%> accounts. For food, drug, or cosmetics, use USP/NF/FCC grade designated chemicals. All other chemicals are for laboratory or manufacturing use only.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the user to know and comply with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Federal regulations require that all hazardous materials classified as poisonous (liquids, solids, or gases) bear the DOT poison label regardless of quantity. UPS (and similar small parcel carriers) will handle some hazardous materials, including limited quantities of poisons, in packaging that complies with a DOT exemption. Large quantities are shipped by motor freight and will incur additional shipping charges. Note: Shipment of some items is restricted by state laws.
  • We generally ship our chemicals via UPS unless specified otherwise. However, we reserve the right to change the method when required by regulations. Government regulations do not permit us to ship corrosives, poisons, oxidizers, and flammables via parcel post. We comply with all federal regulations governing radioisotopes and controlled drugs.
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) will be provided the first time you order a hazardous chemical. If you need additional copies, see, or speak to one of our Customer Contact associates to request a copy by mail.

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