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Custom Ordering Solutions
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Psychrometers / Mason Hygrometers

Psychrometers / Mason Hygrometers

A sling psychrometer measures the amount of water vapor in the air or humidity. The sling psychrometer consists of two glass thermometers and a wick. One thermometer measures the air temperature while the other one measures the wet-bulb temperatures. Wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that can be obtained by evaporating water into the air at constant pressure. The wick is dipped in distilled water, and the sling psychrometer is whirled around, using the handle. As the instrument is whirled, water evaporates from the wick and spun on to the wet-bulb thermometer and cools the thermometer. The drier the air the more the thermometer cools and hence, the lower the wet-bulb temperature. The user then converts the measurements using a table to get the relative humidity. To receive accurate measurements from a sling psychrometer it is extremely important to keep the tool away from radiant heat. Also a high flow of air should wash over the wet bulb otherwise you risk your results being inaccurate. A sling psychrometer is excellent for field work but for more routine water vapor measurements you might invest in electronic sensors.
 Product Detail
Cole Parmer Psychrometer 10 to 120F 10 to 100 RH (Representative photo only)

Cole-Parmer Psychrometer, 10 to 120F, 10 to 100% RH

RH range min 10%,RH range Max 100%,Min temperature º F 10
In stock.
$165.00 USD/EACH


WZ-03311-02 Mason Hygrometer

Mason Hygrometer with 2 Spirit-Filled Glass Thermometers

Product Type Humidity Slide Calculators
In stock.
$37.00 USD/EACH


WZ-03322-90 Sling Psychrometer, °C With Red Spirit

Sling Psychrometer, C With Red Spirit

RH range min 10%,RH range Max 100%,Product Type Psychrometers
In stock.
$64.50 USD/EACH


Pocket Sling Psychrometer F Spirit (Representative photo only)

Pocket Sling Psychrometer, °F Spirit

RH range min 10%,RH range Max 100%,Min temperature º F 20
In stock.
$77.50 USD/EACH


Cole Parmer Battery Operated Psychrometer 15 to 45C 10 to 100 RH (Representative photo only)

Cole-Parmer Battery Operated Psychrometer, -15 to 45C, 10 to 100% RH

RH range min 10%,RH range Max 100%,Min temperature º C -15
In stock.
$165.00 USD/EACH


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