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2013/14 Cole-Parmer
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Custom Ordering Solutions
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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Cole-Parmer has been supplying the laboratory industry for over 50 years and we pride ourselves in offering a wide product range of Laboratory Equipment, Labware, Lab Supplies and consumables. We back all our products with free and unbiased technical assistance to help you solve your application needs. Whether you are looking for laboratory equipment for precision measurement and control or everyday laboratory consumables such as beakers and tubing, Cole Parmer UK is your one-stop source. Request your free copy of the General Catalogue containing our full selection of products.

Our extensive range of laboratory equipment helps you ensure reliable and accurate readings in your work environment. Our selection of laboratory equipment consists of latest models from all leading laboratory manufacturers with economical models as well as technologically advanced products.

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WZ-12122-02 Cole-Parmer<small><sup>&reg;</sup></small> Polystat<small><sup>&reg;</sup></small> Cooling/Heating Circulating Bath, 6.5-liter, Standard Digital, -20 to 100&deg;C, 115V 60 Hz

Cole-Parmer Polystat Standard 6.5L Heat/Cool Bath, -20 to 100C; 115VAC

Capacity Liters 6.5,Min temperature º C -20,Max temperature º C 100
In stock.
$2,370.00 USD/EACH


WZ-50705-00 RW 20 Mixer includes propeller, stand, and clamp

IKA RW 20 Digital Dual-Range Mixer, 60 to 500/240 to 2000, 115 VAC

Min speed rpm 60,Max speed rpm 2000,Motor hp 0.04
In stock.
$928.00 USD/EACH


Representative photo only Solvent extractant S 316 1 5 kg for Horiba Oil Content Analyzer

Solvent extractant S-316, 1.5 kg, for Horiba Oil Content Analyzer

Brand Horiba,Product Type Spectroscopy Accessories
In stock.
$490.00 USD/EACH


WZ-01506-35 Cartridge,research           +

Cole-Parmer Ion-X-Changer Filter Cartridge, research

Dimensions " L 18.75,Dimensions " Dia 3.25,Product Type Water Purification Cartridge
In stock.
$112.00 USD/EACH


WZ-10000-16 Cole-Parmer<small><sup>&reg;</sup></small> Symmetry<small><sup>&reg;</sup></small> PA-Analytical Balance, 220g x 0.0001g -- 115 VAC.  Representative Photo Only

Symmetry PA-Analytical Balance, 220g x 0.0001g -- 115 VAC

Capacity g 220,Dimensions " W 10,Dimensions " H 10-3/4
Available for order
or call 1-888-358-4705 to order
$1,820.00 USD/EACH


WZ-17414-21 Cole-Parmer<small><sup>&#153;</sup></small> MS-3400 Variable Speed Clinical Centrifuge, with 4 x 50 mL swinging bucket rotor

Cole-Parmer Centrifuge, 4x50mL Swing-Bucket Rotor; 110VAC

Power VAC 120,Brand Cole-Parmer,Max RCF x g 1796
In stock.
$2,045.00 USD/EACH


WZ-10000-15 Cole-Parmer Symmetry PA-Analytical Balance, 120g x 0.0001g -- 115 VAC.  Representative Photo Only

Symmetry PA-Analytical Balance, 120g x 0.0001g -- 115 VAC

Capacity g 120,Dimensions " W 10,Dimensions " H 10-3/4
In stock.
$1,540.00 USD/EACH


Representative photo only Cole Parmer Nylon Syringe Filters 0 45 um 25 mm Dia 100 Box

Cole-Parmer Nylon Syringe Filters, 0.45 um, 25 mm Dia; 100/Box

Housing material Acrylic,Color Natural,Membrane material Nylon
In stock.
$186.00 USD/BOX of 100


WZ-07571-00 Masterflex<small><sup>&reg;</sup></small> E/S<small><sup>&#153;</sup></small> portable sampler, 115 VAC

Masterflex E/S portable sampler, 115 VAC

Product Type Sampling pump,Brand Masterflex
In stock.
$1,350.00 USD/EACH


WZ-98945-00 Low-range viscometer, 115 VAC

Brookfield Low-range viscometer, 115 VAC

rpm 0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 20, 30, 50, 60, 100,Display LCD,Product Type Rotational Viscometer
In stock.
$2,050.00 USD/EACH


WZ-01506-25 Cartridge,universal          +

Cole-Parmer Ion-X-Changer Filter Cartridge, universal

Dimensions " L 18.75,Dimensions " Dia 3.25,Product Type Water Purification Cartridge
In stock.
$112.00 USD/EACH


WZ-01017-50 Representative Photo Only.  Aluminum Crimpled-Walled Dishes with Tab, 57mm Dia x 5/8

Aluminum Crimpled-Walled Weighing Dishes with Tab, 60 mL, 1000/Cs

Capacity mL 60,Material aluminum,Product Type Weighing Dish
In stock.
$99.00 USD/CASE of 1000


Representative photo only Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Aluminum Hot Plate 12x12 in 120V UL

Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Aluminum Hot Plate, 12x12 in; 120V, UL

Top plate material Aluminum,Power VAC 120,Brand Thermolyne
In stock.
$974.00 USD/EACH


Representative photo only Cole Parmer Polystat Recirculator w Force Suction Pump 500W 115V

Cole-Parmer Polystat Recirculator w/ Force/Suction Pump, 500W; 115V

Capacity Liters 2.8,Min temperature º C -10,Max temperature º C 80
In stock.
$3,080.00 USD/EACH


WZ-33855-30 Model 33855-10 pictured.  Actual furnace may vary slightly.

Neytech Muffle Furnace, 550 cu in, 3-Stage programmable, manual door, 120V

Minimum temperature º C 50,Maximum temperature º C 1100,Minimum temperature º F 122
In stock.
$2,630.00 USD/EACH


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